Mama Catena Ristorante

(216) 261-1168

711 Babbitt Rd Euclid, OH 44123

Mama Catena Ristorante is a fancy place to get your fill of pizza, tiramisu, homemade pasta, salad, and homemade bread sticks. Where else can you get pasta that literally melts in your mouth? This mom and pop place is a favorite of Euclid residents, and with the affordable prices, we can see why.

Carmella’s Pizza Bazaar

(216) 261-1130

804 E 222nd St Euclid, OH 44123

Come down to Carmella's Pizza Bazaar for a pizza that you wont soon forget. This hidden gem wont go unnoticed for long, so be sure to come enjoy it. The prices are normal here, but the ingredients go above and beyond what you're used to in terms of local pizza joints. You will return to Carmella's!

Beach Club Bistro

(216) 731-7499

21939 Lake Shore Blvd Euclid, OH 44123

Beach Club Bistro might not be located on a beach, but that doesn't make this any less of a destination in the Euclid area. The sandwiches here are some of our favorites, with selections such as Cuban, Caribbean, Pulled Pork, Pork Belly, and more. There's a diverse kids menu, so bring the whole family.

Paragon Wines+ Martinis + Plates

(216) 731-9463

21920 Lakeshore Blvd Euclid, OH 44123

Paragon Wines & Martinis & Plates...that's quite the name, and this establishment lives up to every letter of it. The comfortable atmosphere invites you back, and the vegetarian and vegan options make this a hot spot for all types of eaters. Be sure to check out their flatbread pizzas!