Cleveland Party Bus: Haunted Houses

Alright, so you want to get serious about being scared this Halloween. We can help you with that. There are a number of factors to look for and you are in luck because today's new flood of haunted attractions can provide them. Let's face it, your average haunted house experience used to include some fog machines, relative darkness and a few actors in masks jumping out at you saying boo. Luck for you, the thrill seeker, things have changed not just a little but quite a bit. If you are out for an adrenaline rush, you need to be on the lookout for something that could be described as a most terrifying interaction. And get this, now there are venues that could best be described as adult only experiences. That means you will have to sign a waiver which allows all kind of unmentionable acts to be done to you and you will be given a safe word to scream out when you just can't take anymore. If this sounds like the beginning of fun for you, then let's talk about what else you need to be looking for in your haunted experience as you comb around the Cleveland area.

To begin with, look for a place that makes you wear a mask as you plod through the venue. This will increase confusion and make it so you can't see as well where to proceed to. This is a very good start by any standard. Take your time as you evaluate where you want to go. There is nothing wrong with asking each venue you could up with questions about the elements we discuss here. In fact, we highly recommend you follow this path if you want your experience to be all you had hoped it would be. Try and find a venue that only allows a small number of people to enter the experience at once. There are some haunted houses where they even make a point of trying to get people alone for the maximum scare and there is nothing like going through something really traumatic without someones hand to hold.

Seek out a venue that incorporates theatrical elements. You need to have your fill of visuals that are unnerving, disturbing and creepy. Psychology should be a huge part of your terrifying experience. Being a part of a story can heighten your emotions like nothing else. For instance, if you see played out before you horrifying stories of victims and then all of a sudden you find yourself part of the scene and one of the victims yourself, then we can guarantee that you will not soon forget the frightful experience you are about to have. And speaking of something that you will never forget. There are haunted venues that are really starting to get into using social media in order to make your experience much more personal. For instance, some haunted houses have begun to radio frequency identification in order to draw in details from your life via your Facebook account. This method means that you could possibly see images of your family or friends on the walls during your experience. Or you might see names you know on gravestones. This personal aspect creates a fear level like no other. Last but certainly not least is the use of music or different sounds throughout your tour. The best possible experience that you can look for will involve all five senses. And sound is one that should not be neglected. Think about the times you have been lying in bed alone only to hear some strange noise and wonder what it was. These elements are all important aspects of creating an extreme fear experience and we wish you well in finding a venue that incorporates them.