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What if we told you that the best party transportation in Ohio can be found right here at Cleveland Party Bus? What if we told you that no other limo bus company in the state of Ohio could even come close to the relaxing "Zen-Like" transportation experience that we provide? And what if we told you that we offer more exciting features at a much more affordable price than any of our competitors? Well, we hope you'd perk up your ears and listen, because every word is true and we can't wait to show you!

Zen means providing a wide variety of incredible choices for your special day!

At Cleveland Party Bus, we offer a luxury fleet of limousines and buses that come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can find the vehicle that's perfect for your event, no matter how many passengers you'll have! Whether your group is small or large, we have a vehicle that will provide comfort and style, and no matter your event, the features on your vehicles will allow you to set the mood of the evening. Some of the features on our vehicles include TVs and DVD players, CD players and hookups for your iPod/MP3 player, colorful lighting effects, and large coolers to chill your favorite drinks! You can relax with some champagne or dance and mix up your favorite cocktails!

Our Cleveland limos are versatile so they're each perfect for anything you have planned, including personal events like weddings, birthday parties, and bachelor parties, teen events like sweet 16 parties and high school proms, business events like meetings and conventions, and of course major regional events like sports games, concerts, and even political events. And to further your fun experience with us, we have an expanded service area so we can travel all over Ohio to be sure we're equipped to take you to any destination you have in mind!

Zen means bringing our service to anyone who needs it, anywhere in Ohio!

Our company serves the entire metro area surrounding Cleveland. In fact, we service all of Cuyahoga county and all of the surrounding counties. Every single day of the year we take our customers to the most exciting events that Ohio has to offer, like Indians games, Browns games, trips to Cedar Point, and countless others. We've been just about everywhere that you can go in Ohio, and we can't wait to take you with us! With our vast area of service, you'll find that planning a night out becomes much more enjoyable. For example, if you and your friends want to hit up your favorite local spots as well as maybe a new bar in Toledo, you won't have to worry about choosing a designated driver and cramming into a small car for the long ride - when you have Cleveland limo at your service you'll have us as your DD and you'll have a mode of transportation that is fun and luxurious! And since you can stock the cooler with your favorite drinks, and play your favorite music and movies, your fun night out can keep moving with you!

Zen means your special day requires a unique approach for your specific needs!

To summarize above, if you're celebrating any special occasion or heading to any big event anywhere in Ohio, contrating a Party Bus Rental Columbus Ohio for those outside Cleveland, you can't beat traveling in a luxurious party bus! We've been told that we are by far the best local limo bus company and we work hard to keep that reputation. Wherever you're headed, we can get you there safely and affordably. You can trust our pro drivers to deliver exactly the experience that you're after, and best of all, you will not have to rob a bank to do it! Affordable, safe, fun, and memorable. Our buses are all these things! If you're interested in pricing, you can reach us any time 24/7 and our agents will be happy to help! You'll find that we offer a higher quality experience for a better price than the competition!

Please enjoy browsing our Cleveland Party Bus site and finding plenty of information on our company, where we travel, what we offer, and more. It's all here for you to pour over, or if you'd rather, just get in touch with us right now and let us take all the work out of it for you. We're ready to take your call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Experience Zen. Contact us 24/7!

Features You'll Love!

Our unique fleet of luxury vehicles is truly something to behold! Each of our beautiful Cleveland party buses has a custom interior design, but they all have amazing entertainment features! You can take advantage of any of the amenities to suit your party needs, whether you're putting on a movie for the kids during a family trip to Cedar Point, or dancing to your favorite music as you enjoy a night out with friends. Here's some of the great things you can expect to find in our vehicles:

  • Beautiful exteriors that will turn heads
  • Spacious interiors with ultra plush seating
  • Premium sound systems to enjoy music and movies
  • CD players and iPod/MP3s aux cords
  • Large televisions and DVD players
  • Beverage areas that you can stock with your favorite drinks
  • Beautiful accent lighting throughout the vehicle
  • Club-like lighting and dance poles on the buses
  • Cup holders and dispensers
  • Coolers stocked with ice
  • Dark windows for complete privacy

Experience Zen. Choose the perfect luxury vehicle for you!