Cleveland Party Bus: About Us

There are lots of party bus companies springing up all over the country, but when you find yourself needing truly luxurious transportation in Ohio that is also price-conscious and budget-friendly, Cleveland Party Bus should be your first thought. The thing that we are best known for is our high quality vehicles. As you can see from the photographs of our 24-passenger pink party bus on this page, the interiors are sparkling clean and upgraded constantly to give you the most bang for your buck. Both exterior and interior are eye-catching, to make a truly memorable impression on all your guests. Cleveland Party Bus pulls out all the stops to make sure that every dollar you pay for our services is used to the maximum, that you get the full benefit of limo bus travel, and that your experience is a truly satisfying one so that we'll have you back again!

At the helm of your Cleveland party bus will be a pro chauffeur who knows their way around Ohio better than anyone you have ever met. Cleveland Party Bus hires these experts only after they have met our high standards, and that is determined only after drug tests, background checks, driving record checks, and driving tests. Their high quality driving skills are the cornerstone of our business.

Of course, we'd be nothing without our incredible office staff who know all the facts and figures about every single bus. They're able to provide callers with all of the information that they need to plan their trip, and they can perform precise price calculations using our proprietary system that factors in things like fuel prices, traffic levels, and our peak times of the week and year in order to get you the absolute lowest price available for any given day. Other party bus companies keep their savings at those times for themselves. We pass it on to you.

In addition, Cleveland Party Bus has employed the most stringent safety standards in order to protect you and your party fully just in the rare chance that something unexpected occurs. You're welcome to view our documentation, licenses, and permits at any time. Simply get in touch with us an request that we fax or email them to you, or you can come right down to our offices to see them in person. Cleveland Party Bus is up-front with our customers about every single detail of our business, so if you have any questions or concerns, do reach out! Call or email for a free price quote today! Call or email for a free price quote today!